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Powder coated steel




Diameter 50 cm 

Weight 6 kg 

Christine Liebich - Momentum Green Velvet, 2023

SKU: 00071
  • Chrstine Liebich refers to her works as “steel paintings,” rather than sculptures, despite their 3-dimensional qualities and her use of industrial materials such as metal. Trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Liebich received a hand injury which made painting with a brush very difficult. Instead, she turned to a new medium of expression: growing up on a farm near Landshut, she was interested in manual skills such as welding, and used her knowledge to experiment with steel rods and concrete. Her compositions have a distinct clarity and airiness which conceals the laborious processes of their making. Despite the density of the metal, there is a sense of lightness and playful geometry.

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