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Brook Street Gallery is delighted to present the online solo exhibition, Mila Morton: Shapes of the Spring. Take a closer look at all 12 paintings in Mila Morton’s new series through a comprehensive online display.

Throughout this year Mila Morton has been working on paintings on Xuan paper. Blue ink dominates this series, a vibrant hue evoking the fresh air of springtime. In this new approach to the spring reeds motif which has become a staple of her practice, Mila Morton presents in a mix of visual languages. The pieces span from light and fluid harmonies to sharp and powerful brushwork on a large scale, maintaining the tranquil compositions that characterise Morton's work.

Mila Morton: Shapes of the Spring 

October 2023

Mila Morton (41).jpg

Calming View of the Huangshan Mountains 

Departing from the earlier series of Huangshan Mountain views, in this iteration Mila Morton renders them entirely in a bright blue hue. The image has as much in common with the liquid lakes as with rigid and sharp-edged mountain ranges. This unique approach to a mountainscape abstracts and transforms into light and airy forms.

Soft touch of the lake 

The piece Reeds on a Lake from Mila Morton’s new series features an extraordinary dash of pinkish-red colour. The contrasting colours interact with each other, bringing our attention to the borders of the piece where the ink fades out of the picture plane.  

Applied carefully onto Xuan paper, ink washes play on the surface, flowing in and out of the frame.  Like water droplets in a lake, Mila Morton’s brush marks are fluid - splotches within splotches that remind us of the movement of water and its great depths. There is an overall sense of tranquility in these works, their soft shapes like rippling aquatic reflections. 

In contrast to these soft splotches, Mila Morton approaches the theme of reeds with quick, sharp ink marks that have a distinct calligraphic quality. They appear as thin reeds rippling on the surface of the water, a distorted ancient language.

About Mila Morton

Mila Morton is a visual artist based in London. Her work was shown at AAF in London with Ars,-tis gallery in 2019, 2020, and 2021, and most recently with Brook Street Gallery in 2022 and 2023. Shows with Michael Goedhuis Gallery include PAD, London, 2018; LA Art Show, 2018; and Asia Fine Art, Hong Kong, 2019. Her work was also featured in Kaleidoscope, Brook Street Gallery, 2023, and the solo exhibition Dereconstruction, Paul Smith, Mayfair, 2020. 

Mila Morton (43) HR.jpg
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