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June 2024

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German-born artist Massimo Danielis works in the mediums of oil painting and printmaking, notably etching, aquatint, lithography and chine-colle techniques. Having developed a highly unique style over his long career, Danielis’ abstract canvases captivate us with the intricacy of each layer and their distinct textures. The artist was educated at the Seville Art Academy and the Munich Art Academy, and has been exhibiting his work since the early 2000s. Danielis mostly works between Pfaffenhofen, Germany and Udine, Italy in the summer. 

Colour and Shape 


Massimo Danielis’ compositions often overlap different geometries, with a harmonious interplay of colours. They evoke a sense of peace, at the same time embracing organic form and irregularities. The edges of circles and squares are often rounded, softened, or overlapped, each shape working together melodiously as part of a greater whole. There is a sense of coordination that reminds us of the deep connections of the natural environment.

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To produce the unique surface texture of his canvases, Danielis carefully considers each mark in his laborious process. What appears at first as a grainy finish with craquelures, is revealed up close as an intricate web of lines that the artist incises into the paint entirely by hand. To achieve this, he builds up layers of colour, awaiting the precise moment when the paint is still mouldable before it begins to set completely. He then manipulates the softened surface with a pointed tool to bring out the colours hidden beneath. 



Abstracting his environment, its objects and surfaces, Massimo Danielis’ work appeals to the aesthetic poetry in the everyday. In his etching and aquatint process, Danielis often uses between three and four copper plates, overlaying colours to give his prints depth and visual complexity. The titles of his series, such as Et in Arcadia Ego pictured here, use Latin to evoke classical antiquity. Arcadia, in particular, speaks to an idyllic, pastoral-natural space, a place of timeless beauty.


Since the early 2000s, Massimo Danielis has been exhibiting widely in both group and solo projects. His work is held in the prestigious collections worldwide, including the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum Meermanno, Fondation Carré d'Art, and Espoo Art Museum, to name a few. His most recent shows include Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (2024) and the London Original Print Fair with Brook Street Gallery (2024). 

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